Safety Tips On Online Banking

Monday , 28, May 2018 Comments Off on Safety Tips On Online Banking


Most people nowadays enjoy the convenience of internet or mobile banking. You just have to sit in the comfort of your home and do banking transactions online through your computer or Smartphone. It requires less preparation and time when doing this and you can do it anywhere where there is an internet connection.

Of all the pros brought about by internet or online banking, we also have to deal with breached safety and security. This happens mostly when one is not fully protected or not practicing safety when doing transactions online. Here are some helpful tips on safe online banking:

Top tips on safe online banking from the comfort of your home

Banking online from the comfort of your own home may sound safe, but it doesn’t mean you are immune from attack. We look at what you need to do to reduce the chances of opportunistic attackers accessing your banking records and stealing your money.

Two-step verification

Two-factor authentication is for some users a relatively new and emerging trend, but it’s something that the banks have been aware of for some time.

Most banks have longed asked their customers to enter a customer password and PIN number to log into their accounts, but there’s now a move to issuing debit or credit card readers so users can log into their accounts, and/or authorize transactions.

For example, if you’re paying someone for the first time, you might be asked to confirm the payment details via the card reader, and to enter a small code on both the web page and card reader to verify that you are the rightful owner of that bank account.

If you don’t have one of these readers, ask your bank where you can get one. Read more…

Always keep these tips in mind so you won’t have a problem with safety online. Your money might get into the wrong hands if safety is breached and sometimes you can’t get it back. Well, it depends on your bank. Banking online will not be a problem if you are always making sure that everything is safe and private. Enjoy safe online banking!